Prebiotic Fibre Cereal Bars FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Biomel Prebiotic Cereal Bars?
Biomel Prebiotic Cereal Bars are the most delicious way to introduce a diverse range of fibre into your diet and support your gut health. Biomel Prebiotic Cereal Bars contain a blend of prebiotic fibres, wholegrains, vitamins, and minerals.
What is the difference between Prebiotics & Probiotics?
Probiotics and prebiotics have a symbiotic relationship. Probiotics are live microorganisms which confer a health benefit on the host. Prebiotics are specialized plant fiber that acts as food for the good bacteria and stimulates growth among the preexisting good bacteria.
Who are Prebiotic Cereal Bars for?
Prebiotic Cereal Bars are for people who are trying to proactively improve their gut health and enjoy a healthy snack. Our bars are also great for people wanted to relieve the symptoms of tricky digestive issues like bloating, regular movements, and IBS.
When should I eat the Prebiotic Cereal Bars?
Biomel Prebiotic Cereal bars can be eaten any time and there are lots of ways to enjoy them! You can dunk them into your tea or coffee, enjoy as a grab and go snack, or crumble on top of a smoothie bowl.


Are Biomel Prebiotic Cereal bars good for IBS?
Each of our bars contain a diverse range of prebiotic fibres which feeds a diverse range of cultures in your gut. A balanced gut microbiome is key to managing the triggers and relieving the symptoms of tricky digestive issues like IBS.
Are the fibres free from?
Our fibres are dairy-free, lactose-free and gluten-free. They contain no added sugar and are 100% natural.
Which flavours are available?
Prebiotic Cereal Bars are available in Chocolate and Chocolate Hazelnut.
Which prebiotic fibres are in the cereal bars?
Prebiotic Cereal Bars contain: Gluten-Free Porridge Oats, Chicory Root Fibre, Buckwheat Flakes, Quinoa Flakes, Sunflower Seeds, Chia Seeds, and Golden Linseed.
Shipping Information
We deliver to mainland UK addresses.