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Probiotic Shots & Drinks

Biomel is the most delicious and effective way to a healthy gut.

Our award winning range of delicious dairy-free probiotic drinks are made using a blend of dairy-free milks, vitamins, minerals and billions of live active cultures.

Biomel Complete Gut

Our probiotic powders are the most advanced way to digestive and immune health. Biomel Complete Gut contains a blend of live cultures, prebiotic fibres, digestive enzymes and vitamins and minerals.

Simply add Biomel Complete Gut to your choice of m*lk and blend for a delicious probiotic shake.

Biomel Prebiotic & Low FODMAP Fibres

Gut loving prebiotic fibres for digestive and immune health. Biomel Prebiotic Fibres contains a blend of prebiotic fibres, digestive enzymes and vitamins and minerals.

Low FODMAP Fibres are suitable for people following a low FODMAP diet and those with sensitive digestive system.

Proactive Digestive Health

Biomel is the UK's No.1 Dairy-Free Probiotic Drink

Our award-winning probiotic drinks have been created to provide delicious and effective support for your gut. Our delicious plant-based probiotic drinks are made using a powerful blend of vitamins, minerals and billions of live active cultures.

Why Biomel?

Because Your Gut is at the Heart of Your Health!

Gut health is essential to your overall health! Improving your gut health has been linked to increased nutrient absorption, reduced bloating, relieved IBS symptoms, resistance to infections and colds, improved mood and digestive regularity.

Billions of Live Active Cultures

Each delicious serving of Biomel contains billions of live active cultures that quickly multiply when they enter your digestive system, encouraging the growth of good bacteria to restore and maintain optimal gut health. Our added Vitamin D, Vitamin B6 and Calcium help you show your gut some extra love!

Award Winning

Gone are the days when gut health was boring and chocolate was a treat ... We've always known that our probiotics were the most delicious way to a healthier gut, but you don't just have to take our word for it, the experts agree!

Biomel won gold at the Quality Food & Drink Award and the World Plant-based Awards 🏆

14 Days to a Healthier Gut

Biomel is ideal for drinking on its own or drinking in shakes or smoothies. Check our blog for delicious recipes and helpful gut health guides!

100% Plant-Based

Plant-based probiotics are better for you and the planet for two simple reasons: dairy is a stomach irritant and creates almost three times as many greenhouse gas emissions than any plant-based alternatives.