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Next Generation Gut Health

Biomel is a science-driven gut health product that supports digestive health and mental performance.*

1,121 verified 5-star reviews

I can honestly say it's changed my life.

Linda M.

Verified Customer

I'm a nutritionist and recommend it to all my clients!

Pip A.

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Wow wow wow this stuff is amazing. My energy levels are so much better!

Daniel G.

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I could not be happier and would absolutely recommend it to anyone with gut issues. You will not be disappointed.

Ben H.

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I've been taking this every morning, my mood has lifted and I feel much better.

Trevor R.

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Multiple benefits in every serving

Next generation gut health

Only Biomel contains prebiotic fibre, billions of live active cultures and carefully selected vitamins and minerals to support digestive and immune health.*

Your gut is at the heart of your health and influences all aspects of your life from digestive health to immune and mental health.


One serving. 39 benefits.

Biomel is designed to support a healthy microbiome through a broad spectrum approach to gut health. encompassing friendly bacteria, prebiotic fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Backed by 327 clinical studies

Over the last 10 years, over 41,000 peer reviewed articles have been published on the efficacy and role of friendly bacteria, prebiotic fibre, vitamins and minerals on digestive and immune health.

We've carefully curated a selection of the leading research to inform and evolve the development of our products.


Award winning

Nutritionist approved


Super food. Super quality.

✓ Superfood ingredients carefully chosen for maximum impact

✓ 170 product safety tests

✓ 7 year development

✓ Version 5.2

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14 days to a healthier gut

86% of customers recommend Biomel to their friends and family.


The world’s top performers drink Biomel

“I kickstart my day with Biomel to set me up for my day. It’s become key to my morning routine. It tastes amazing so I really look forward to it. When I’m in a rush, I can grab a shot for the road and not have to worry about neglecting my gut health, making it easy to support my health on the go which I love.”