Benefits of Biomel Prebiotic Breakfast Bars

✓ Prebiotic and Low FODMAP Fibres are an essential components of a healthy diet and are shown to benefit health in multiple ways.

✓ Supports digestive and immune health

✓ Increase diversity of beneficial bacteria in your gut

✓ Promotes the normal bowel function

✓ Promotes weight loss

Biomel Prebiotic Cereal Bars

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Biomel Prebiotic Cereal Bars are the most delicious way to a healthier gut. Our cereal bars are packed with 7 wholegrains, vitamins and minerals. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. One pack contains 12 (45g) bars.

Biomel contains a diverse range of fibres to fuel a diverse microbiome.

12 bars

We use carefully selected ingredients that are absolutely delicious and proven to support digestive and immune health. All our ingredients are vegan, 100% natural and free-from stomach irritants (like dairy and gluten).

For detailed ingredients and nutritional information, please see back of pack images for each flavour variant.

✓ Sprinkle over cereal and muesli

✓ Add to your smoothies or favourite drink

✓ Enjoy on its own

Advanced gut health

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