Chilled Delivery to UK Mainland Addresses

Chilled Delivery to UK Mainland Addresses

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Biomel & the Benefits

What is Biomel?

What flavours are available?

Where can I buy Biomel?

What are the ingredients and nutritionals?

Our Cultures

What are probiotic cultures and how do they work?

What is unique about the cultures in Biomel?

What is the benefit of drinking Biomel?

Drinking Biomel

How much Biomel should I drink?

When should I drink Biomel?

Should I buy the larger or smaller bottles?

Who is Biomel suitable for?

Is Biomel suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Is Biomel suitable for people with a gluten intolerance?

Is Biomel free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives?

Is Biomel suitable for consumers with nut allergies?

Is Biomel suitable for Children?

My Online Order

When will my delivery arrive?

I would like to drink Biomel every day, how much should I order online?

Packaging and Recycling

Is Biomel recyclable?